Midnight Writer: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Are you working for your passion?
Are you working for your passion?

Don’t quit your day job. You’ve heard this advice before.

Should you take this advice? Perhaps, then again, perhaps not. You see, creative writing is my passion. Publishing stories about people and events that only exist in my mind is how I deal with the pressures of the day job. So, should I quit my day job to be a full time writer and kiss those pressures goodbye? Well, let’s look at some things, because you might be asking yourself a very similar question.

Time: I’ve been asked this question repeatedly through the years, ‘when do you find time to write?’ My answer is rooted in the timelessness of the answer. Since writing is my passion, I make the time.

I wrote most of my first published book at the kitchen table after the family had turned in for the night. Sure I was tired too, but when you are doing something that you are passionate about…it’s just not work.

Now, numerous years later, I have several books published with three separate series crossing three different genres. I consider myself a professional author, as well as an industrial corporate sales executive. Call it a dual identity if you like, but in reality I could not have one career without the other.

Process: I have approached this transition from midnight writer to trending author by applying the lessons I learned in the business world to the art of writing. I use my marketing skills, honed by working with large public manufacturing companies, to creatively stay ahead of the market and craft what I think people want to read.  Apparently corporate process has a place next to creative expression!

Rewards: As I have progressed, both in job title and book titles, I can easily see that one career calls to me above the other. But, make no mistake; I have no expectation of ditching my corporate career. In fact, I find myself working harder than ever. I am very good at what I do and enjoy outstripping my competition on a regular basis. I also appreciate the experiences of working with diverse people and, of course, the financial rewards allow me to sit at the kitchen table after everyone has gone to bed.

Sounds like, in my case, I have my answer.

So, should you quit your day job?

Not up to me to decide.

But, perhaps the question is, should you find ways to turn your passion into the job you love? I would have to say, if it’s your passion, then you might want to figure out how to burn a little midnight oil.

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