The Rip Current of Evil

It is Good Friday and I have just spent a wonderful day on the Gulf of Mexico with my wife and daughter. I have never been somewhere else besides home during Holy Week. At first I was apprehensive about this change, but realized that God put this wonderful feature, called the ocean, in our life for our enjoyment.

rip-current2And it was this wonderful ocean, and a great conversation with my wife on the rental condo balcony that got me thinking about something that has been eating away at me for years.

I really never had a name for this thing that I have been feeling, but when talking about it I would flail my hands around wildly with an expression on my face that said, ‘don’t you get what I’m thinking?’ What I was thinking about was this ever present thing called doubt, pain, carnage…it’s called evil.

I mean, I look at all of these things and wonder, ‘it’s not JUST the media that has an agenda and is presenting stories and events that negatively impact our lives. Is it?’

I mean, why does a business owner, a family that owns a pizza shop, have to have death threats against him and his family just because they were asked a hypothetical question about hosting a wedding for a gay couple? And why do we have to accept an agreement as gospel with a country that holds the destruction of another country as their doctrine, as policy for our country? (I’m talking about Iran and Israel and our blind acceptance that these people are gong to do what they promise…after having a ‘Kill America’ parade earlier this week.) Just saying.

So, back to the ocean and my point. I really think that we have slowly been sucked into a Rip Current of Evil in this world. The waves of life keep crashing, but our legs are being pulled out from beneath us and we are being dragged out further into the depths.

Not a pleasant visual, but think about it. ISIS has beheaded hundreds of Christians…I said HUNDREDS! They are selling children and women with the hopes of having new ISIS members, new babies, to take up the cause. They are teaching children that it is OKAY to pull the trigger to kill people that don’t think/act/look like/worship like them…human beings.

In our own country, politicians at the highest levels of office gleefully admit that they lied about things to further their own political agenda…not for the betterment of the country, or the down trodden, but to keep them and their own ilk in power. I should say, that this happens on both sides of the aisle.

So, like the giant waves that my daughter and I were riding on our boogie boards this afternoon, every time we put our feet down to the sandy bottom, we had to fight the rip current…is that what we need to do now with society? Do we really ride the surface with glee and then once the ride stops realize that we have moved further down the beach…further towards evil?

I don’t know, but I fear that the answer is, ‘yes.’ It pains me to say that. I am an optimist by nature. Which goes counter to my book series, Worst Case Scenario…I get that. But it also sails true with my Underlying Grace series; even though we have seen the worst, there is always something better waiting.

So, I have to believe that with every rip tide or rip current of evil there is a greater current of grace that will wipe away the effects of crashing waves and create a current that will circle the world with warmth, grace and love. After all, it’s Good Friday. I can think of no greater current to be trapped in than that of love by our Creator!

Surf’s up!



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