I Love When The Press Wants to Tell You Something Scary

Okay…what they were discussing on ‘Happening Now’, one of the Fox News early afternoon shows, is the reality of an EMP attack and what it could do to the national power grid.  For those that do not know, an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse is a pulse of intense power that would/could melt computer transistors and electrical wiring…basically anything that runs on electricity could be rendered useless.  IE: No more nightlights or Internet, etc.

nukeandusaAs you know, I just wrote an entire series of fiction books about a family facing this very situation, called ‘Worst Case Scenario.’ I kind of get what the potential is, not only with the immediate impact, but the potential breakdown of social order that could come with a population that is not ready to his ALL STOP on digital life!

But, back to Fox News…during the interview, the expert actually used the title of my book, ‘Worst Case Scenario’ to paint the picture of how vulnerable the US civilian population is to this kind of threat.  I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER ADVERTISING!!!

Now, as a public service, in an attempt to educate your friends on how real this potential threat is, and that it is something that you can prepare for, please share this blog around!  Each of the links has bits of info about an EMP and what it could do.  There is also a really great story, with a few pointers, that you can enjoy dowload from Amazon!

Here are the links:

Worst Case Scenario: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00USONRLW

Fox News Video: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4215635438001/experts-warn-emp-attack-could-cripple-infrastructure/?playlist_id=930909808001#sp=show-clips

Wall Street Journal article: http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-threat-to-melt-the-electric-grid-1430436815

Thanks…be safe!


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