The Purpose of Pleasing People

I have been so fortunate to write books as part of the way that I make a living. Writing is my passion, or as I have recently discovered, my purpose. As a few people might know, writing is not my primary career, but it is my goal to change that one day soon, thus, the word ‘purpose’ is appropriate.

When I first started the Worst Case Scenario series, I was given advice that I should not take reviews personally. I heeded this advice and put on a coat of leather to protect my delicate writer’s ego from being crushed by those that feel the need to trash the fruits of my ‘purpose.’ Believe me, I’m OK with getting less than stellar reviews. But, it is funny how I can get eleven 5-Star reviews and then get one 2-Star with bitter comments, and that is the one that I that haunts my thoughts for weeks. I think we all feel the sting of criticism a little more than praise…don’t you think?

Regardless, I really didn’t want to write a blog about bitching. What I wanted to write a blog about was finding a way to push down the negative and use it as a stepping-stone on my way to my purpose. So, with that said, I have had to push down a great deal of negativity with the release of Worst Case Scenario: War Dawgs – Book 6.

I was shocked at the visceral reaction from fans to the ending of the book and to the series. You see in my mind, without giving you a spoiler alert, I ended this series so that I could start a new one with fresh content. I also twisted the ending to War Dawgs in a way that NO ONE saw coming…not even my family!

So, I start getting this negative feedback, and to be honest with you, the leather coat was not thick enough. I was having a hard time understanding what everyone’s deal was with the story, and then I realized two things. One, only I know where the story is actually going, and two, I might have twisted the ending more than the readers were accustomed to. But, had I?

You see, my mailing list has grown exponentially since releasing Book 6…hummm…was War Dawgs really out of bounds, or had I done my job as a storyteller? I am choosing the latter. Sure, I twisted the story like a wet beach towel but that only revealed new paths to how I’m going to develop the characters in future stories.

At the end of the day, I’m using all of this as a learning experience and continuing to do what I love…write stories that are compelling, challenging and never too predictable.

So, my advice to you: Admit what your passion is, use those negative people as stepping stones, and twist things up every now and then on your way towards living out your purpose.

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One thought on “The Purpose of Pleasing People

  1. Dear Allen: Yes, You have definitely done your job as a storyteller. Not only as a storyteller but, a damn fine one. I think everyone of your books, including series 6 were excellent. I could not put them down. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your upcoming series. Sincerely. Kitty H.

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