Evil is a 4-Letter-Word!

The end result of an act of evil is evil. There are no laws, restrictions or barriers that will hold back evil when it is intent on causing carnage. Suicide bombers walking into a corner coffee shop. A roadside IED waiting for a truck full of soldiers to drive over it. A man’s desire to randomly kill as many innocent people that he could at a concert, before taking his own life. Any way you paint it, the end result of an act of evil is evil. Evil is the ultimate filthy four-letter word!

boots in Vegas
(REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus)

Man has been struggling with hate, wickedness and malevolent ideas and behaviors since the beginning of time. What you have to understand is that these descriptive words are actually puppets on a string conducted by evil. So, I ask, how do we cut these strings? How do we stand up against wickedness? How do we push back evil?

One man came to this earth to show us the way, and he simply used one emotion to quell evil – love.

Don’t role your eyes or shake your head, that is what evil is counting on…indifference. Love at its purest is the complete opposite of evil. It is the white to the black, it is the light to the dark, it is the glory to the doom.

Longtime readers of my fiction stories will see that my characters are always pulled into a pool of evil, and try to find their way back to the light. I have written in the genres of middle grade fiction (Justin Flowers and the Orb of Time – re-release 2019), in the genre of Faith Based Fiction (Underlying Grace series) and most successfully in the dystopian genre (Worst Case Scenario & Collapsing World series), and I have resisted the temptation to let evil win. This is a central theme in all of my stories…evil will not win! We, as humans, are better than evil, and that needs to be celebrated!

What happened in Las Vegas last night hurts my heart, and makes me sick to my stomach. I pray for the families that have had their loved ones snatched away by evil. I pray for the injured, so that their full recovery will be a rejection against evil. I pray that we as a society can celebrate the lives of the victims and how they lived, and not concentrate on how they died.

My advice today is to find those that you love, and tell them so. Pull your family close and hug them tightly. Find a random way to do something nice for someone…evil does not have the corner on random acts!

Remember, there is a way to fight evil, and it starts with another four-letter word; love!

G Allen Mercer

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2 thoughts on “Evil is a 4-Letter-Word!

  1. Thank you! I think that is the reason my husband and I enjoy and read your books. We have an abiding love of our Savior, and believe in the power of good versus evil. It’s hard in the world of today to see that sometimes. We’re Santa and Mrs. Claus at Dollywood Nov-Dec, and we actually see a lot of evil! But, thankfully, we see more of love! We’ve had young people say “F— you Santa” while the parents do nothing about it! The things that happen in the world of today breaks our hearts! We really appreciate your words this AM concerning what happened in Las Vegas.

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