Evil is a 4-Letter-Word!

The end result of an act of evil is evil. There are no laws, restrictions or barriers that will hold back evil when it is intent on causing carnage. Suicide bombers walking into a corner coffee shop. A roadside IED waiting for a truck full of soldiers to drive over it. A man’s desire to randomly kill as many innocent people that he could at a concert, before taking his own life. Any way you paint it, the end result of an act of evil is evil. Evil is the ultimate filthy four-letter word!

boots in Vegas
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Man has been struggling with hate, wickedness and malevolent ideas and behaviors since the beginning of time. What you have to understand is that these descriptive words are actually puppets on a string conducted by evil. So, I ask, how do we cut these strings? How do we stand up against wickedness? How do we push back evil?

One man came to this earth to show us the way, and he simply used one emotion to quell evil – love.

Don’t role your eyes or shake your head, that is what evil is counting on…indifference. Love at its purest is the complete opposite of evil. It is the white to the black, it is the light to the dark, it is the glory to the doom.

Longtime readers of my fiction stories will see that my characters are always pulled into a pool of evil, and try to find their way back to the light. I have written in the genres of middle grade fiction (Justin Flowers and the Orb of Time – re-release 2019), in the genre of Faith Based Fiction (Underlying Grace series) and most successfully in the dystopian genre (Worst Case Scenario & Collapsing World series), and I have resisted the temptation to let evil win. This is a central theme in all of my stories…evil will not win! We, as humans, are better than evil, and that needs to be celebrated!

What happened in Las Vegas last night hurts my heart, and makes me sick to my stomach. I pray for the families that have had their loved ones snatched away by evil. I pray for the injured, so that their full recovery will be a rejection against evil. I pray that we as a society can celebrate the lives of the victims and how they lived, and not concentrate on how they died.

My advice today is to find those that you love, and tell them so. Pull your family close and hug them tightly. Find a random way to do something nice for someone…evil does not have the corner on random acts!

Remember, there is a way to fight evil, and it starts with another four-letter word; love!

G Allen Mercer

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Timeless Honor

Version 2

Yesterday, I had the very distinct and personal honor to visit the World War II Pacific Memorials at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On vacation with my family over Christmas week, we had scheduled months out to visit the Memorial, and especially the USS Arizona Memorial on Tuesday. Little did we know that the President of the United States had a similar plan, and we were not invited!

So, the Mercer clan punted to the next day…thank you Mr. President. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Memorials, then you are not aware of the fact that there are a limited number of tickets – 1,300 free tickets, to be exact, and you need to be in line to receive the tickets by 7:00A.M. Thanks to a longer than planned stop at Starbucks to wake the troops, we arrived ten minutes later than the suggested time. That mistake was on us…can’t blame the Commander-in-Chief for everything.

Regardless of the miss in time, we had the chance to stand in line with over 2,000 other humans from around the world, which wanted to see the Memorials…or, most specifically, the Arizona. While in line we met a few families, some of the nicest people, really. There was the family with the Navy dad in front of us, and the sweet old couple that asked us if they could politely wait/cut in line with us. The old guy was a Marine, and had served in Alabama at one time.

As we approached the ticket window a true sense or realism blanketed the crowd, it was time to raise the Colors. First, there was a call to attention, and every Park employee and military person stopped what they were doing, faced the direction of the flag and stood as straight and proud as they could. Most civilians understood what was happening and also politely turned towards the flag…caps were removed from the tops of heads…hands placed on hearts…a silence fell that I will always remember, and the National Anthem played.

As the notes from the Star Spangled Banner played, people sang the words, some hummed, and I did a little of both. It was about a third of the way through the Anthem when several things/feelings/emotions filled my head. This was a December day, at Pearl Harbor, probably very similar to the one 75 years ago. I saw several older veterans amongst the crowd, saluting with a lifetime of service and honor. I could almost hear the souls of the men and women who had died at this hallowed place, humming beside me. The feeling was warming, and made me VERY proud to be an American.

Within the minute, the song came to a close. The flag was secured, and the still crowd thawed from their spots. There were a few that applauded, but most picked back up with their conversations in the line. My wife and son leaned into me and complained about several Japanese tourists that continued to talk during the Anthem. I had not heard them, but just shook my head, my anger would never change their ideals of respect…in fact, the sheer number of Japanese touring the Memorials was shocking, but I think I’ll save that observation for another blog.

Unfortunately we were about 50 people shy of getting tickets for the Arizona, but fortunately we did get the opportunity to explore the USS Missouri – WOW, what a ship! I’ve been on a few battleships, but never an Iowa Class battleship! We had the good graces to have Joe, a Veteran of Vietnam, be our guide. Joe brought passion and a sense of duty to our tour, and brought my wife and I to tears when he choked up during a Q&A session about the number of people that died during WWII. dsc_0095

And that is just it, this place; this hallowed water, is a place of tears, pride, service, duty and sacrifice. It is a memorial to those that rode the tip of the spear so that the rest of us could go on. Pearl Harbor serves as a memorial, a reminder of what’s important, and as a tomb to those that need us to remember. I will always remember, my family will always remember, and if you have the chance to visit, I hope that you will come away with the same sense of honor that I felt, just to have visited.

To learn more about these fantastic pieces of American history, see: www.pacifichistoricparks.org

May God bless our country and those that protect Her.

Peace —


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The Purpose of Pleasing People

I have been so fortunate to write books as part of the way that I make a living. Writing is my passion, or as I have recently discovered, my purpose. As a few people might know, writing is not my primary career, but it is my goal to change that one day soon, thus, the word ‘purpose’ is appropriate.

When I first started the Worst Case Scenario series, I was given advice that I should not take reviews personally. I heeded this advice and put on a coat of leather to protect my delicate writer’s ego from being crushed by those that feel the need to trash the fruits of my ‘purpose.’ Believe me, I’m OK with getting less than stellar reviews. But, it is funny how I can get eleven 5-Star reviews and then get one 2-Star with bitter comments, and that is the one that I that haunts my thoughts for weeks. I think we all feel the sting of criticism a little more than praise…don’t you think?

Regardless, I really didn’t want to write a blog about bitching. What I wanted to write a blog about was finding a way to push down the negative and use it as a stepping-stone on my way to my purpose. So, with that said, I have had to push down a great deal of negativity with the release of Worst Case Scenario: War Dawgs – Book 6.

I was shocked at the visceral reaction from fans to the ending of the book and to the series. You see in my mind, without giving you a spoiler alert, I ended this series so that I could start a new one with fresh content. I also twisted the ending to War Dawgs in a way that NO ONE saw coming…not even my family!

So, I start getting this negative feedback, and to be honest with you, the leather coat was not thick enough. I was having a hard time understanding what everyone’s deal was with the story, and then I realized two things. One, only I know where the story is actually going, and two, I might have twisted the ending more than the readers were accustomed to. But, had I?

You see, my mailing list has grown exponentially since releasing Book 6…hummm…was War Dawgs really out of bounds, or had I done my job as a storyteller? I am choosing the latter. Sure, I twisted the story like a wet beach towel but that only revealed new paths to how I’m going to develop the characters in future stories.

At the end of the day, I’m using all of this as a learning experience and continuing to do what I love…write stories that are compelling, challenging and never too predictable.

So, my advice to you: Admit what your passion is, use those negative people as stepping stones, and twist things up every now and then on your way towards living out your purpose.

Peace and Happy Reading,



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What an Author does on Veterans Day

Veterans Are My Heroes!

Download FREE Today, and Pass onto a Vet or a friend!
Download FREE Today, and Pass onto a Vet or a friend!

I’d like to thank ever man or woman that has served the United States.  Veterans are a special breed of human that put their life on the line so that our liberty and freedom remain intact.  Thank you to every one of the service personnel that stepped out there so that my family can live freely!

In your honor, my book, Worst Case Scenario – Book 1, is FREE today I try to incorporate active and retired service people in all of my stories…you are all an inspiration.  Please send this to someone today so that they can have a free book.

God Bless America,



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